Thursday, January 17, 2008

Life of a Piece of Parchment

It is probably pretty obvious by now how much I rely on parchment paper. I carry a good deal of environmental guilt for this (especially since it is rarely a necessity and more likely being used for aesthetic purposes or easy clean up). Still, I'm not entirely haphazard with it and generally, one piece of parchment sees several uses before finally being put to rest. I thought I might share the typical life cycle of a piece of parchment in my home:

First: Flour Catcher while baking (I level the flour onto the parchment and then lift the parchment and pour back into the flour jar)

Second: Placed on Baking Pan to promote even bread baking (also alleviates the need to grease sheet and virtually no clean up); used for subsequent baking the same day

Third: Same piece of parchment is used to wrap leftover bread to store and/or used to wrap bread to be given as a gift

Fourth: Parchment finds its way into my son's lunchbox, as a "placemat" of sorts for food

There, some guilt purged. You'd think I was Catholic . . .

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