Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pasta Salad

Yikes, another mediocre photo.  My apologies to those who care.

Corkscrew Pasta salad with sundried tomatoes (Full Belly Farm), provolone and garlic (quite possibly too much garlic as I also had this for lunch and the harsh scent is emanating from my pores like alcohol after a night of wild partying - - - please no clever commenting on the partying analogy, I realize that is not part of my reality);  two organic pickling cucumbers from the Farmer's Market; and two oatmeal cookies.  Cookies and cucumbers were wrapped in an IAMS dog scarf that I received free at a fair.  The large triangular shape is perfect for wrapping multiple food items that should not touch. 

waste generated: none :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Local and Fresh

I know that local is a relative term, especially when I live in California and the coastline is an expansive 840 miles long.  However, the food shown here is all from less than 200 miles away, which is local enough for me.

Monterrey strawberries, cherries from Linden (near Stockton, CA), half a cucumber from somewhere in the Valley,  Lemon Quark (to spread on berries) and Jersey Cheddar from Spring Hill Cheese Co.  in Petaluma.  All found at the Farmer's Market and all chosen by my very enthusiastic taste testers, Aidan and Abby.  If you have children of your own, or some you can borrow, bring them to the Farmer's Market with you.  Seems that when I come with children in tow I am greeted with extra samples and smiles. . .and, in turn I usually buy more.  A win win for everyone.

waste generated: none:)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sunny Day Sandwich

Homemade whole wheat hamburger bun with boiled and sliced Organic Valley, cage free, vegetarian fed etc. etc. eggs (note the vibrant yellow yolks, makes me almost believe all the hype on the package); small packet of salt; organic cucumbers from the Farmer's Market; organic Kiwi (also from the Farmer's Market); and tiny sweet organic grape tomatoes (eh hem, from Mexico - - I just couldn't wait . . . . and they looked so pretty, like little jewels).

waste generated: piece of parchment, paper salt packet (left over from a take out meal)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Red Russian Kale for Kids

The only way I can get my kids to try something this scary looking is to put something enticing in the vicinity, say a cupcake, then, make them close their eyes and give them a bite (I hope it is obvious that I am not pretending the ugly food is the cupcake, the cupcake is - against the advice of possibly ALL child psychologists - the reward).  

This may not work for you, much like how wrapping things in bacon does not work for me, but, if you are at a loss, and can't get your kids to try new (or hideous) things, give it a go, you just may get lucky.

Organic Red Russian Kale (from Full Belly Farm) sauteed with leeks, peanut butter and a disproportionate amount of crushed pineapple (hence the "for kids" part); spanish unsalted peanuts; couscous; and an organic kiwi.

waste generated: none :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baked French Toast

Baked french toast strips made using homemade oatmeal bread with maple and agave syrup dip; organic raw almonds; organic strawberries.

This was served as last night's dinner (chopped almonds served on top of the french toast and sliced strawberries on the side) along with organic asparagus spears (from Full Belly Farm) wrapped in small strips of bacon.  The asparagus did not make it into lunch because my children hate it, even when wrapped in a fabulous piece of crispy bacon. 

waste generated: one square of parchment paper

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lunch for a Busy Pirate

Organic whole wheat, oat raisin pumpkin bread slices (I threw in a third slice at the last minute because the lunch looked a bit skimpy); pirate sword skewers of organic smoked jack (from Spring Hill Farm) with chunks of organic pear (dipped in watered down lemon juice to keep from browning); organic plain Silk soymilk in the SIGG bottle.

waste generated: 4 plastic pirate sword skewers (sort of. . I have a feeling they'll be floating around here  as toys/weapons for awhile)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pesto Pasta and Ranch Hand Salad

Organic whole wheat pasta with pesto and pinenuts (pesto made with frozen basil olive oil cubes from early fall); ranch hand salad of organic mixed greens, radishes and  carrot matchsticks with homemade buttermilk dressing on the side (a version of this salad was eaten last night, but was not adored by the kids and included more radishes cut into matchsticks and tossed with carrotsticks and dressing like a slaw then mounded on top of mixed greens).

Glass bowl has a plastic cover and I'm sending it as an experiment (surrounded by the handkerchief and in a padded lunchbox because it isn't nearly as hardy as the frigoverre glass containers) 

For Full Belly Farm CSA subscribers, the slaw version salad was served with creamy turnip and potato soup (slice turnips from box along with one yukon gold or red potato into thin moons and heat in a large dutch oven with a splash of olive oil and a couple of handfuls of sliced leeks until just soft, add stock - -veg. or chicken. to cover and simmer for about 20 mins.   - process with hand blender until smooth and creamy, adding additional stock if needed) garnished with stirfried and processed turnip greens stirred in (like a vitamin filled green ribbon) just before serving.

waste generated: none :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lemon Quark

If you have not yet tried Quark, you are missing out an a truly fabulous eating experience. Quark is delectable. So delectable that the only reason there is any left for this lunch is because I hid it in my super secret hiding fridge.  To translate - - in my house, any food that is not in the front row and precisely at eye level remains unseen, and effectively, hidden. This is great when I want to hide something, like, for instance, a giant birthday cake.  This is not so great, when I realize that more containers of milk have been opened in one day than a family of five can drink in a week.  

I digress.

Back to the Quark.  The quark in this lunch is Lemon Quark from Spring Hill Cheese Co. in Petaluma, Ca.  It is a German style cream cheese and the Spring Hill website states that it is made with Meyer lemon zest and a TOUCH OF sugar.  Just a touch.  I don't believe it. It just tastes too good, like lemon cheesecake meets sweetened ricotta.  I could eat it by the spoonful, and I do, I just pop a strawberry into my mouth after in the hopes of alleviating the guilt.

Organic strawberries stuffed with Lemon Quark (both from the Farmer's Market and stored in lidded laptop lunch container); Crunchy, salt-free, organic almond butter on Mi-Del whole wheat graham crackers (wrapped in a wrap-n-mat, shown underneath); organic banana (from god knows where); Sigg bottle filled with Silk soymilk.

waste generated: none :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New England Barbeque

New England Potato salad with organic yukon gold potatoes, snap peas, lemon juice, canola mayo, flaxseed oil and a touch of stoneground mustard (in stainless steel thermos); grilled Rosie organic chicken breast chunks on toothpick skewers with Annie's organic barbeque sauce for dipping (in frigoverre glass container and laptop lunch small dip container); Organic Valley string cheese.

waste generated: 3 wooden toothpicks; wrapper from string cheese

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chicken salad made with organic Rosie chicken grilled with a rub of italian seasoning, garlic, salt and lemon juice, diced and mixed with sliced organic radishes, cucumbers, and avocado with homemade mustard poppyseed vinaigrette; sliced organic cucumbers; organic lettuce leaves (for filling with chicken salad and eating out of hand) and a homemade whole wheat flour brownie (the whole wheat flour is the only healthy thing about this brownie.  Radishes and lettuce from Full Belly Farm CSA, remaining veggies from the Farmer's Market.

waste generated: none :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Whole Wheat Bagels with Cream Cheese

Whole wheat mini bagels with Organic Valley cream cheese and sliced strawberries from the Framer's Market; celery (conventional, my kids and husband reject the organic variety saying it is too stringy and hard to chew) and pistachios.

waste generated: small piece of parchment

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Asparagus Frittata and Spinach Strawberry Salad

So this is what was suppose to go in Friday's lunchbox.  As of Thursday at 4:45pm, this meal was prepped - - the asparagus was washed and chopped into 1/2 inch dice, the smoked jack and raw cheddar were grated, spinach washed and dressing made and waiting in the fridge.  Then, my husband walked in the door and said "Hey, aren't you suppose to be working at the snack shack in 5 minutes?" (my son is in T-ball and we are all required to take on a snack shack shift once a season).  So, my delicious meal was left lingering in the fridge - no dinner, no leftovers for lunch - while I slathered bright orange cheese on industrial tortilla chips, slapped canned chili on Costco bulk hotdogs, slung skittles and fundip across a metal counter and lectured small children on the wastefulness of using a plastic spoon to eat a snowcone.  A reluctant but captive audience, I refused to hand over the cone until they'd heard me out.  My husband and I enjoyed the Frittata the next evening, along with a bottle of chardonnay. Yum.

Organic veggies all from Full Belly Farm CSA box.  Organic cheese from Spring Hill Farm and Organic Valley, strawberries from the Farmer's Market.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Orzo with Flax Seed Oil

Orzo pasta with flaxseed (for Omega 3's,6's and 9's), olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt; smoked jack cheese from Spring Hill Farm; and a halved organic kiwi fruit.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Delights from the Farmer's Market

On Sunday morning, after promises of pastries and cheese samples, I dragged my two oldest children away from their cartoons and to the Farmer's Market.  As suspected, and in spite of their early morning complaints, they loved it.  This lunch was inspired by that visit.

First of the year organic sweet-as-sugar strawberries with last of the season organic kiwi fruit; pickling cucumbers (to be eaten out of hand like an apple); Spring Hill smoked jack cheese (sliced and then re-assembled into a wedge); Napa Valley mustard flavored pretzels.  

waste generated: none :) 

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fish and Chips

Pan fried halibut in cornmeal crust with a wedge of lemon; potato chips; tangy coleslaw (organic shredded cabbage and carrots from Full Belly CSA box with canola mayonnaise, white vinegar, a touch of sugar, salt and pepper); organic fuji apple from the Farmer's Market. 

waste generated: none :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pizza with Fresh Oregano

Homemade organic whole wheat crust pizza with organic tomato pulp and Full Belly Farm oregano, fresh organic mozzarella, Full Belly Farm carrot sticks and strawberries from the Farmer's market.

The Farmer's Market is heavenly right now filled with plump strawberries, juicy, heavy kiwi, and loads of fresh asparagus.  This is why I love California.

waste generated: 1 square of parchment paper


Yes, this post would have been better placed two weeks ago, but Easter break came quickly and along with it came guests, vacation, and life to keep me too busy to post.

Lunch the day before break included these tie dyed, hardboiled, cage free organic easter eggs and a thermos filled with Orange Mash (organic potatoes, rutabaga, and carrots, boiled and pureed to a mashed potato consistency with a touch of live oil and salt).

waste generated: none :)