Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sweet Potato and Cabbage Soup

So I'm sitting here filled with potentially funny, yet horrid story tidbits from my family's week with the flu. They might be entertaining in the right setting, but they have no place in a blog devoted to eating. . . . so I will stop my banter and get on with it (and save them for the off chance I ever get to have a conversation with Anne Lamott).

Vegan Sweet Potato and Cabbage soup in a broth made with leeks, green garlic, vegetable stock, peanut butter, and chili paste. It is garnished with roasted, unsalted peanuts and chopped cilantro (the cabbage, leeks, green garlic, and cabbage are organic and came from my weekly Fully Belly Farm CSA box).  Homemade whole wheat and wheat berry bread, served with a dipping sauce of olive and flax oils and balsamic vinegar. I wrapped the bread in the bandana and the dipping sauce is in a frigovere (I'm probably slaughtering the spelling on that) glass container.  I love these containers as they look clean and fresh and have great stay-put, hardy plastic lids, but rarely use them for lunch because glass is not allowed at my son's school.

waste generated: none:)

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Aubrey West @ Healthy Lunch Ideas said...

This one is really perfect for a cold morning. Much appreciated if you will post the recipe soon. Thanks!