Friday, February 22, 2008


Tostada, blue corn tortilla, ground free range organic buffalo meat seasoned with chili spice, onions, green garlic and diced tomatoes, and organic valley monterrey jack cheese; orange slice with watermelon radish star; tortilla chips and mild salsa.

waste generated: square of unbleached parchment paper


Anonymous said...

how do you make the stars?

Jeanine said...

I peel the strawberry daikon/watermelon radish and slice it into very think slices. I then use a cookie cutter/candy mold to make the shapes.

My star cookie cutter, is suppose to be a candy mold (I think!). I found it at the Thrift Store. It is pink, made of plastic, and deeper than a regular cookie cutter. It is made by Wilton.

wendy said...

hi! I saw your blog listed on the full belly farm newsletter. Your blog is very sweet - I love your lunches. Thanks for letting us know!

Lisa said...

I also saw your link in the full belly newsletter. I love your description- quite-a-bit-better-than-a-lunchable-way. My son begs for a lunchable because all the other kids have them. We continue to teach him about real food. It will be fun to read your blog to see what you make from the weekly box. Thank you for sharing!

Anna said...

OK Jeanine I think I just need your cooking skills. Or at least your cookbook. Everything always looks so good, but I'm just not good at throwing it to the wind and come out with great. It's ususally hit or miss. I usally do well with the desserts(go figure) when I take that approach. Well if you think of a great cookbook that I can check out... please share :o)

Jeanine said...

I'm so happy to have some other Full Belly Farm CSA readers! Thanks for checking out the site. Of course, your ideas are welcome and appreciated!

Anna, the cookbooks I use most often are: Beatrice Ojakangas's Great Whole Grain Breads: Moosewood's Simple Suppers and Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home; Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food and Vegetables; I also get lots of recipes from Delicious Living Magazine (distributed for free in many co-ops and available online). I exclusively cooked from recipes FOR YEARS, but now I use them more for ideas and inspiration.

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Hi Jeanine,

I'm hosting Wholesome Lunchbox again and would love to see your entry.
Closing date is 15th of each month, round ups will be posted on 16-17th of each month.
To learn more, please read this post:
Enjoy your day,


Aubrey West @ Healthy Lunch Ideas said...

Awesome lunch ideas! I didn't notice at first that the star shaped thing was a watermelon. This lunch made me feel hungry. It looks very yummy!