Monday, February 4, 2008

Chicken Tenders and Veggies

Strips of Rocky Jr. free range chicken marinated in ginger, tamari and sesame oil and stir fried, served over brown rice and wild rice; raw organic carrots with strawberry daikon stars and a mandarin (all from Full Belly Farm); organic whole wheat Orange Gingersnap cookies.

waste generated: none :)


Anna said...

Hello :O} Your lunchbox becomes my dinner. So I think I'm going to use your marinade do you use fresh ginger(sliced,grated,etc)? also in your stir fry do you use the sesame oil to stir fry or broth? Just curios!

Jeanine said...

I grate my ginger and use sesame oil in the marinade (the chicken sat in this for at least an hour) but add no oil or broth in the pan for stir frying. I stir fry in a well seasoned cast iron pan on medium-high heat (the sesame oil will smoke and have an off flavor if the temp. is higher than 350 degrees). Great minds think alike - - this lunchbox was the previous night's dinner (minus the greens). After removing the chicken from the pan I added stir fry greens and a variety of mushrooms - -pouring the leftover marinade over the bunch as it cooked. As a dinner, a layered the rice with the greens and topped with chicken.

Aubrey West @ Healthy Lunch Ideas said...

Looks great! Those star shaped strawberries on top of carrots are really cute.