Monday, May 19, 2008

Homemade Bagel

I have to thank my best friend Suzi and her husband for trying out this bagel recipe first, and making the whole bagel making process less intimidating.  If you have kids that like to cook and are too impatient for bread making, give bagels a try.

Homemade organic whole wheat (well, not exactly, the recipe called for 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour to 3-4 cups bread flour) cinnamon raisin bagels with peanut butter tahini spread (the addition of tahini doubles the amount of iron in the spread); organic pink lady apple (dipped in diluted lemon juice to keep it from turning brown); Diestal honey baked turkey pieces skewered with chunks of Spring Hill Farms Organic Old World Portuguese Cheese.

waste generated: square of parchment; 3 toothpicks


VeggieGirl said...

I've always wanted to make my own bagels - looks wonderful!!

mollyjade said...

I love that you went for a spiral shape rather than a full circle. It's so hard to get that circle look at home, and the spiral is beautiful.

Annelies said...

I was admiring the spiral as well! And my son had a pink lady apple today, too.

alcinoe said...

I told you that bagels weren't that hard! It looks delicious. I tried to join a CSA (when our "rebate" came in) but they were already sold out and honestly the drive out there would probably increase our carbon footprint quite a lot. So now I rely on Boston Organics (always organic, not always local) and in July I can start visiting the farmers market. The only problem is that they aren't always organic. At one of them they actually had california strawberries, those big tastless ones. You can't trust anyone anymore.

Melissa said...

I wish you would make my lunch every day! haha :)

Keep up the good work & thanks for all the great ideas.