Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cereal for Lunch

Nature's Path Heritage Oat Flakes; organic strawberries form the Farmer's Market; organic raw almonds (Full Belly Farm); organic oats; organic SILK unsweetened soymilk in a Sigg bottle (not pictured).

waste generated: none:)


Jen said...

I was wondering if you could tell me where you got those cute little plastic containers that you use??

I'm new to your blog and didn't see a way to email you?

Jeanine said...

The container(s) I use most often is the Laptop Lunchbox. There is a link on the left hand side of my site to the company that sells them. They can also be purchased at and are available in some Whole Foods stores and Co-ops.

Aubrey West @ Healthy School Lunch Ideas said...

Cereal is absolutely good for lunch specially to those who want to lose weight. I love eating almonds and strawberries too. Great ideas author!