Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reprieve From the Wholesome Lunch

Yesterday was my son's school's version of "Field Day" including, of course, the requisite barbeque.  Accordingly, I did not pack a lunch, and since I was working at the beverage tables, all three of my children ate the barbeque fare.  This is what they collectively ate (FYI:  green salad, pasta salad, bananas and oranges were also available, but not chosen by my children):

3 hotdogs on white buns, some with ketchup, some without
2 bags of Cheetos
1 bag of Doritos
several grapes
chunks of watermelon
5 popsicles
More Gatorade and Lemonade than I care to talk about
BLUE SLIME (see photo)

The blue slime in my daughter's hand is what I was scraping out of the bottom of the gatorade dispensers at the end of the day.  Abby was helping me clean out the containers by scooping out the blue sugar sludge and depositing it directly in her mouth.  My youngest kept herself busy by sucking the powdered lemonade leftovers off the ice cubes (ice cubes that had been dumped from the dispensers into the grass).  Some people were horrified by this apparently aberrant behavior.   I determined that sometimes you have to just let it go. . . lose the battle, win the war.

waste generated:   too depressing. However, I did provide a relentless tirade to all who came to the beverage table explaining the benefits of using your own container vs. the plastic and paper cups provided.  I would like to believe I made an impact on at least one otherwise clueless student.  Of course, it is more likely that those I preached to were hiding boogers in my Sigg bottle when I wasn't looking.


Lunch Buckets said...

Good grief, what IS the blue slime?

Anna said...

I bet that just killed ya ..... but I guess they will be exposed at times and hopefully make the right choices(when older that is) and I don't think older has an actual setting as my 12 is so global warming aware yet still can't get it right. Someday! RIGHT.

Happy cooking :o)

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