Thursday, May 15, 2008

Aidan's New take on the Coveted Lunchable

Our Full Belly Farm CSA Box arrived today and was met with so much enthusiasm by my children that my eyes were brimmed with tears of joy. Aidan spied the carrots as I hauled the box to the car and within moments they were all screaming for one.  Pretty soon I was slinging carrots into the backseat with such vigor I'm lucky no one lost an eye.  At home, they all clamored around the box, digging their hands into the paper bags looking for strawberries or any other goody that might have been hiding in there.  What they did find was sugar snap peas, and the whole bag was dragged by my youngest to the back patio where it was consumed in less than 10 minutes (I saved the ones pictured here by stealthily rolling them up into the bottom of my shirt).  For them, it was a snack. For me, it was cathartic.  

This lunch was put together at the direction of Aidan (except for the radishes, although he agreed they gave the box balance - not in those words exactly. . .)

Organic sugar snap peas, radishes,  and carrots from Full Belly Farm; Brook Cherries from Joe Goletti and Sons Farm; white flour tortillas and pre-shredded "mexican style"cheese (yes, I shuddered a bit as I typed that - this is why I usually do all the grocery shopping at our house);Santa Barbara Kalamata olives;   2 oatmeal cookies (packaged in a cloth napkin and tucked away in the zippered compartment in the carrying case for this lunchbox).

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