Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pasta Salad

Yikes, another mediocre photo.  My apologies to those who care.

Corkscrew Pasta salad with sundried tomatoes (Full Belly Farm), provolone and garlic (quite possibly too much garlic as I also had this for lunch and the harsh scent is emanating from my pores like alcohol after a night of wild partying - - - please no clever commenting on the partying analogy, I realize that is not part of my reality);  two organic pickling cucumbers from the Farmer's Market; and two oatmeal cookies.  Cookies and cucumbers were wrapped in an IAMS dog scarf that I received free at a fair.  The large triangular shape is perfect for wrapping multiple food items that should not touch. 

waste generated: none :)


Anonymous said...

Is the pasta hot or cold? (I know you call it pasta salad but I have seen hot pasta salads too.) I ask because it looks like to have it in a Thermos type conatiner. If it is cold I'm curious why you decided to use that container? I have a lot of food containers but not any Thermos type ones. Wondering if I should purchase one. Thanks!

Jeanine said...

This pasta salad can be served either cold or at room temperature. You can pack it in any container you prefer but I like my thermos because (1) I didn't have to buy it (the one pictured here was found abandoned and moldy); (2) it is a great size; (3) it keeps the food at generally the same temperature it was when packed (hot, cold, or room).

Aubrey West @ Healthy School Lunch Ideas said...

This pasta salad really looks delicious. Would you mind if I ask you the recipe. I want to try this too. Thanks!