Friday, April 25, 2008

Sunny Day Sandwich

Homemade whole wheat hamburger bun with boiled and sliced Organic Valley, cage free, vegetarian fed etc. etc. eggs (note the vibrant yellow yolks, makes me almost believe all the hype on the package); small packet of salt; organic cucumbers from the Farmer's Market; organic Kiwi (also from the Farmer's Market); and tiny sweet organic grape tomatoes (eh hem, from Mexico - - I just couldn't wait . . . . and they looked so pretty, like little jewels).

waste generated: piece of parchment, paper salt packet (left over from a take out meal)


Anonymous said...

i love grape tomatoes!!! I could eat them all day! well maybe not, but if I had a life time supply, I would be snacking on pints for hours.

did you say home-made bun? are they hard to make?

Jeanine said...

Once I got over my initial fear of baking bread I figured out it is really quite easy. My bread bible is Beatrice Ojankangas Great Whole Grain Breads - - the bread in this entry came from her book.

Annelies said...

The homemade buns turned out beautiful, wow!

Aubrey West @ Healthy Lunch Ideas said...

I am sure kids will love this too. Indeed it's a perfect lunch for a sunny day. Healthy lunch!