Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Delights from the Farmer's Market

On Sunday morning, after promises of pastries and cheese samples, I dragged my two oldest children away from their cartoons and to the Farmer's Market.  As suspected, and in spite of their early morning complaints, they loved it.  This lunch was inspired by that visit.

First of the year organic sweet-as-sugar strawberries with last of the season organic kiwi fruit; pickling cucumbers (to be eaten out of hand like an apple); Spring Hill smoked jack cheese (sliced and then re-assembled into a wedge); Napa Valley mustard flavored pretzels.  

waste generated: none :) 


VeggieGirl said...

nothing better than fresh kiwi and strawberries :0)

Anonymous said...

love your blog
please please please list recipes when applicable!
Saw your post on Full Belly Farm so using many of the same ingredients!
fellow mom (3 and 1yr old-- wondering how you manage with three kids!!!)

Jeanine said...

I would love to post recipes, but it is terribly time consuming (a commodity I have little of right now!), not to mention difficult because I generally use whatever I have with only approximate measurements. I am often inspired by Alice Waters cook books as well as Moosewood. If you are really wanting a specific recipe just ask, and if I have time I will get it to you. Thanks for reading/viewing!

Aubrey west @ Healthy Lunch Ideas said...

Nice color combination! Strawberries and kiwi looks very nice and healthy. Great ideas!