Monday, April 28, 2008

Local and Fresh

I know that local is a relative term, especially when I live in California and the coastline is an expansive 840 miles long.  However, the food shown here is all from less than 200 miles away, which is local enough for me.

Monterrey strawberries, cherries from Linden (near Stockton, CA), half a cucumber from somewhere in the Valley,  Lemon Quark (to spread on berries) and Jersey Cheddar from Spring Hill Cheese Co.  in Petaluma.  All found at the Farmer's Market and all chosen by my very enthusiastic taste testers, Aidan and Abby.  If you have children of your own, or some you can borrow, bring them to the Farmer's Market with you.  Seems that when I come with children in tow I am greeted with extra samples and smiles. . .and, in turn I usually buy more.  A win win for everyone.

waste generated: none:)


VeggieGirl said...

ahh, I cannot WAIT until cherries are in season over here - they look like little rubies!

Anonymous said...

I was recommended to your blog from the ppk.
Your lunchboxes look lovely.
I too have three kids and I am an earth girl/lunch bagger.
Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

I too sadly missed the veganlunchbox when it ended, but am delighted to have found your blog! I am a 17 year old lifelong vegetarian who is always looking for new lunch ideas, and your blog is so inspirational. Thanks for your effort!

Jeanine said...

Thanks for all the great feedback. It makes me happy to know that so many other people are out there thinking about how we eat and how we can do it better!

Anonymous said...

Since everyone else is doing it! I also read your blog as much as I can and I'm all the way in Massachusetts. I went to my local Whole Foods and asked for lemon Quark cheese because of your advice :) They only have the plain here (and it is also another brand)so I tried to make it lemon, with just a touch of sugar. My kids werent pleased but they are both so picky! My boyfriend and I loved it mixed on our fruit salad. So, thank you, for giving me at least one new thing I love!


Jeanine said...


I'm a MA native, Gloucester, or "Glosta" to be more specific. It is great to have a reader from my home state! Perhaps we could trade some great produce for some fabulous seafood. . .


Aubrey West @ Healthy Lunch Ideas said...

This is indeed a healthy lunch idea. I know kids will surely love this too.