Monday, December 3, 2007

Not All Good Food is Pretty

I'm not entirely sure what is going on with this lunch. The photo of the gypsy pepper is meant to show how I wrapped it "to go" with just a rubber band and wrap-n-mat, but it looks more like something I captured from the wild and bound for later torture. The soup, as delicious as it is, looks a bit like, well, to be blunt, vomit. But I suppose a lot of soup looks like that. The lunch: turkey & hominy soup (organic Diestal turkey leftover from Thanksgiving, shredded and previously frozen) with onions, carrots, celery (from our weekly Full Belly Farm CSA), hominy, and tomatoes. Gypsy pepper (also from Fully Belly) cut in half and filled with carrot sticks on one side and Annie's Goddess Dressing on the other. The bread is Alvarado Street sprouted whole wheat sourdough. I wrapped the bread in a separate wrap-n-mat.

waste generated: 0, :) the rubberband was re-used from a head of broccoli and I'm pretty sure it will be used again as a slingshot or other piece of childhood weaponry


Lisa said...

Hi! I followed a link here from the laptop lunch times; I was attracted because it said that you claimed your kids aren't adventurous eaters. Mine aren't either, so I came looking for ideas! I love the pepper carrot & dip holder idea!

I was also wondering if you found organic/non-GMO hominy somewhere. I've only ever found it in the store brand of my regular grocery store, and have been avoiding it because I'm guessing it's GMO.

Jeanine said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm sorry that I won't be of much help to you on this one. I tried to buy it at my Co-op (which usually has everything I need) and didn't have any luck so ended up picking it up at the regular grocery store in teh Mexican food section. I may try making it next summer when corn is in abundance. I appreciate you bringing up the GMO issue, I honestly hadn't thought about it and now I feel a bit like a schmuck because I'm usually on top of such things!

Jen said...

That was a cute idea with the pepper!!