Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'd love to start this blog with something a bit more creative. . perhaps a savory pumpkin soup served in a minature hollowed out pumpkin, complete with carrying handle. However, this was devised in the real world where I was probably putting it together while simultaneously wrestling something dangerous out of one of my toddlers' hands.

Pumpkin shaped Almond Butter and Sliced Apple Sandwich decorated with apple pieces; Homemade Pumpkin shaped Whole Wheat Sugar Cookie with sprinkles; Whole Wheat Organic Pretzel Sticks; grape and apple skewers; and orange juice.

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Robyn D said...

I'm totally copying this idea for my son's lunch next week! Since I don't bake, I'll buy the pumpkin cookies and I have a batch of frozen pumpkin soup that I'll put in his thermos.

Thanks for the great ideas!!!!