Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It is true. I'm obsessed with gourds, and to be more specific, I'm obsessed with having my eldest child relish in the culinary excitement of a stuffed gourd. Accordingly, this kid-friendly version was born. . . WITCHES BREW: hollowed out real pumpkin placed in the freezer for one hour then dusted with wheat germ and filled with Stonyfield Farms Organic Chocolate Yogurt (cut with Nancy's plain yogurt to cut down on the frightening amount of sugar), gummy eyeball (I know, more sugar - -but this is Halloween and I just couldn't figure out how to create an eyeball out of the swiss chard in my vegetable drawer). The bugs on top of and under the lid are plastic toys that were party favors we received. Mi-Del Whole Wheat Graham Crackers wrapped in a cloth napkin with a Halloween sticker; banana; roasted pumpkin seeds; water in a SIGG bottle; and a plastic spoon made larger and more interesting with bits of cardboard, paper, and stickers I scrounged up from the kids' art cabinet. The lunch sack in the back is a re-useable Trick-or-Treat bag that will double as a lunch bag today.
Let me end this by saying that when I told my sweet boy that I had made him a very special Halloween lunch he immediately exclaimed: "I really hope it is a lunchable!!"

waste generated: :( lots. stickers, bits of paper, cardboard and tape, disposable plastic spoon (however, if it finds its way home and will be washed and re-used); 3 toothpicks

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bryan said...

He took this to school? You've gone completely mad woman!