Monday, October 15, 2007

CINCO DE MAYO in October

This lunch was created with leftovers from last night's dinner of Huevos Rancheros - -o.k. Huevos Ranchos for the adults. Scrambled Eggs and tortillas for the munchkins.

Bean and cheese tacos (homemade organic corn and wholewheat flour tortillas with black beans and melted cheese - -it is surprising what my son will eat cold); spinach leaves with spicy yogurt sauce (yogurt with a little enchilada sauce mixed in); blackbean tortilla chips; and organic grapes (fyi: conventional grapes are on the top ten list of fruits being high in pesticide residue). The limes are simply there for photo presentation. Unnecessary? Yes. But I think it shows a part of my personality. The crazy part, but a part nonetheless.

waste generated: 0 :)

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