Friday, March 14, 2008

Chicken Pecan Salad and Carrot Twins

When I opened my CSA box this week and found this pair of interwined carrots peeking out I smiled. Two days later they still make me smile. They are so unique and beautiful that I wonder if I should send them off to be eaten or if I should display them in my kitchen to be admired. This is one of the things that I love about organic farming. The methods allow vegetables and fruit to just be. Sometimes that means that they are not smooth and unblemished, often it means that they are not uniformly shaped, but always, underneath either an oddly unattractive (think celery root) or an extraordinary exterior (think intertwined carrots) something delicious and uniquely beautiful dwells because nature has been allowed to do its thing.

Chicken salad (shredded leftover Rocky Jr. organic chicken, mayo and dijon with pecans, dried cranberries and diced celery) sandwich on Alvarado Street sprouted whole wheat bread with mixed lettuce; organic carrots; organic kiwi fruit.  Carrots, lettuce, and celery from Full Belly Farm.

waste generated: two novelty toothpicks

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Aubrey West @ Healthy Lunch Ideas said...

Those twin carrots are really cute and awesome. I hope you can post your recipe on your chicken salad sandwich.